Monday, May 18, 2015

How to get those weak rotor bolts out of your wheel

One of the issues with the Mongoose fat bikes is the torx bolt they use to hold the rotors in. They must be made with insta-strip technology. I'd like to know if someone has ever gotten one out with the correct driver.
Here's a short tutorial on how to get them out so you can replace the bolts with a higher quality screw and a better rotor. This is actually really easy with the right tools.

Tools I used:
a big and wide flat screwdriver
Dremel cut off wheel

Alls you got to do is take the cut off wheel, grind a nice flat groove in the bolt head and take the screwdriver and unscrew it.
Do you really need a tutorial on this? I don't. But I know a lot of people {myself included} likes to research and look at pictures of something before diving in. So here goes...
Cut off wheel.
You can see here how I grinded the slot in the screw.
Just like that

Always has to have one that breaks off. I just grabbed what was left with pliers and turned it out that way.
New rotor mounted and ready to roll.

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