Monday, May 26, 2014


Well, I got my first century under the belt. I think it about 103 miles total. It was a mix of rail trails and the road with a nice ending loop through Valley Forge National Park. I got a cramp at mile 85 and mile 102 on the last hill. I said, "Screw it!" and pedaled with one leg until it worked itself out. My butt was a swollen the next day. I think it's time for a Brooks Saddle!

Taking a break while the fat tired road bike changes his flat...
No one on my facebook got that that was 100 miles. People run a stupid 5k and they get 100 likes. I ride 100 miles and get 2.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm post century grilling.

I've been toying with the idea of setting up my old Schwinn Moab as a gravel grinder road bike. Here's some pictures of it mocked up. I didn't like how high the seat was in comparison to the bars. So it goes back to being a vintage mountain bike that I never use. Bummer.

A week after the century I went to MT Penn for the first time. It beat me up. 32x19, with 1700 feet of elevation change in 10 miles, and east coast rocks. Most of the trails are downhill trails that people shuttle up but, the few crazies like myself who decide to SS it. Next time I go I'm taking the FS and having some fun!
I had a horrible week of flats commuting. It was bicycle nightmare. I had some glass hidden in my tire that would be fine for a while then poke my tube. A bad valve stem after that kept me guessing. Finally got it straightened out, I think. I saw this picture wayyy too many times that week.
This past Sunday I was able to get out to the trails I volunteer at. I haven't been there in a while so, it was good to go see what kind of damage took place from the two heavy rainstorms we got in the past two weeks. Trails were fine. The fire roads... not so much. I wish I would of taken some pictures of how bad the roads are. I need to ride there more often. We have the most obstacles in the area and you're either climbing or descending. A good workout even if it's only 7 miles.
Within the first 50 feet of the trail I bashed my finger between my handlebars and a fence post. Man, did that hurt! Just loss of skin though. Nothing broken.

Today being Memorial day we went out for an early ride at Nockamixon. Got about 20 miles in. It was pretty fantastic. They added a bunch of skinnies and we had fun on them. Here you can see me falling off. I know you're thinking, "That looks like a really really easy skinny." Well, There is a weird muddy rut right before you get on the skinny that messes you up. Took us both a few times to get it. Coated your tires in some nice muck and slowed you down to a crawl. Which isn't good SS.
They have alot of fun with their chainsaws at this place. There are a bunch of stump carvings hidden throughout the trails and log couches everywhere.

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