Saturday, March 15, 2014

Finally, Found Dirt!

This morning I woke up dark and early to head far east to the land of good drainage, New Jersey. Batsto Village to be exact. It's fast and flowy. Nothing technical at all. Super flat. I don't think there was one time where I stopped pedaling. Either going down or up. Total I think it's about 23 miles. Good way to kick off the season!
They did an awesome job of marking these trails. There are mileage markers every few miles and half way through the 19 mile loop here is that map kiosk from the above picture. They have that at the start of the trails, too. Every trail is color coded.
As you can see the terrain is sand and pine needles. It must get really dense in the summer time. I am also testing a new cockpit setup. I'm testing to own a set of Carver ti handlebars. I think they're 710mm. A little bit wider than my 680mm. I also put on a 65mm SunlineV stem. My other one is a 90mm. I loved the setup but, my left arm was asleep the whole time. I had that trouble before with this stem. I think it puts me in too much of an upright position. I'm going to swap back to the 90mm next time I ride.

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